Choir's participation 2017

“Armonia”, Preveza, Greece – Mixed (adults) section
Conductor: Anelia Stefanova

It was founded in 1969 by a group of people from Preveza with love for choral music and with the aim of promoting choral music in this small provincial city. Since then, the choir has traced a brilliant march both in Greece and abroad. All these years it has performed in and organized innumerable concerts all over Greece, but also abroad (Ireland, Sweden, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Libya, Turkey, Cyprus), while it has taken part in several national and international competitions, winning 9 first prizes, 4 gold medals, 5 second prizes, 9 silver medals, 3 third prizes and 7 bronze medals. Furthermore, it has realized premieres of works and collaborated with well-known soloist and orchestras. Its most recent achievement was winning the first place and silver medal in the International Choral Competition in Bratislava, Slovakia in July 2016. Since September 2016, Mrs Anelia Stefanova is the director of the choir, taking the place of Mr Valentin Stefanov, who had been the conductor of ‘’Armonia’’ and artistic director of ICFP for more than 20 years, has had a great role in choral things in Preveza as well as the rest of Greece and whom we consider to be our friend.

“Armonia”, Preveza, Greece – Children’s sections
Conductor: Anelia Stefanova

The children’s Choir ‘’Armonia’’ was founded in 1983 by the conductor Mr Andronikos Kourouklis and it is a section of the Choral Society ‘’Armonia’’ of Preveza. Other conductors of the choir who greatly contributed in its brilliant course and success were Mr Stavros Solomos and Mr Valentin Stefanov. Since 1994, the choir has been directed by Mrs Anelia Stefanova. During its existence the choir has been awarded 2 first, 2 second and 2 third prizes in International Choral Competitions (Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary) and it has also been awarded twice as the best Greek Children’s choir in the International Choral Festival of Athens. It regularly performs in festivals both in Greek and abroad, while it has participated in premieres of works and cooperated with renowned orchestras and soloist. Its most recent achievements was its selection as the representative choir of Greece in the 15th Easter Festival of Moscow, Russia in April 2017, which was under the auspices of the President of Russia, Mr Vladimir Putin as well as the Archbishop of All the Russians, Mr Alexios. At present, the choir consists of 150 children, aged from 7 to 17 years old and its divided in two groups: Choir for very young children, 7-10 years, Concert children’s choir.

“Canta Chiara”, Berlin Germany
Conductor: Carsten Schultze

“Canta Chiara” was founded in 2002 by the older girls of the “RundfundkKinderchor” (children's choir). They mainly sings a-capella music for girls' choir and women's choir as well as sinfonic choral music. It has taken part in different projects and concerts with the 'Berliner Sinfonieorchester' (Sinfonic Orchestra of Berlin) and it has performed in Latvia, Estonia, France, Norway, Austria, Israel, Italy, Poland etc. It recently won the 1st price in the international choir competitions in Krakow (Poland) in 2014 and Neerpelt (Belgium) in 2016.

Cantabile Chamber Choir, 
Panciu – Vrancea Romania
Conductor: prof. Andrei-Igor Manovici

The choir began its activity in 2003, initially, as an alternative to formal education of the Ioan Slavici Theoretical High School from Panciu. Since 2009 it has participated in competitions and festivals in their country and abroad and they have won numerous medals and prizes (Fyrom, Iasi, Vrancea, Brazi, Buzau). Its most recent success was the Gold Diploma at the International Choral Competition in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova, in October 2016. At the moment, the choir consists of 25 members, aged between 14 and 25 years. The Founder and the conductor of the choir is Andrei-Igor Manovici.

"Cantus Domini" Male Choir, Bucharest Romania
Conductor: Archdeacon PhD. Prof. Răzvan - Constantin ȘTEFAN

The "Cantus Domini" male choir was established at the initiative of some music loving people - young men of theological and/or musical education. The type of music interpreted is mostly sacred, but the repertoire of the musical group is manifold, containing both traditional folklore Romanian music, and international music (both sacred and profane).  Since its establishment, the choir has been directed by Archdeacon PhD. Prof. Răzvan - Constantin Ștefan, and under his leadership they have built a notable record:
The Grand Prix, Albena, Bulgaria, 2011.
Two silver medals, Cincinnati - Ohio, United States of America, 2012.
Silver medal 1st European Choir Games edition – Graz, Austria, 2013.
First Place – medal and Cup for the Male Choir category, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014.
First Prize and Trophy, Râmnicu-Vâlcea, Romania.
Gold Medal, Youth choirs of equal voices section, Silver Medal for the Chamber choirs section, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2015.
The Audience Award Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2015.

Children´s choir "Radost", Prague Czech Republic
Conductor: Dr. Jan Pirner

The children’s choir Radost Praha was established in 1961 by choirmaster Vladislav Souček. Founded as the school choir of the primary school in Korunovacni Street, it functioned under the auspices of the House of Children and Youth in Prague 7 for many years; since 1994 it has been part of the children’s art school in Simackova Street in Prague 7. They have performed in many countries throughout Europe (Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, FYROM, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland); they regularly participate in international competitions, bringing home major awards (Bratislava, Cantonigros, Llangollen, Tours, etc.). Radost collaborates with Czech Radio, Czech Television, and the State Opera in Prague. Its repertoire encompasses all stylistic periods and numerous genres. It has recorded several CDs and regularly premieres the works of contemporary composers (for example Eliška, Cilkova, Emil Hradecky or Pavel Jurkovic).
Its most recent successes:
1st prize, Neerpelt, Belgium, 2014
3nd prize (Excellent), Montreux, Switzerland, 2015
4 first prize and Grand Prix, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2016

Choir "Makrygiannis" of Arta, Greece
Conductor: Theodoros Grammatikopoulos

The mixed choir “Makrygiannis” was founded in 1980 simultaneously with the establishment of the Cultural Association of Arta “Makrygiannis” and was one of its first sections. Its repertoire consists of works by pre-classic, classic and contemporary Greek and foreign composers and traditional folk songs. They have participated in numerous choral festivals and concerts both in Greece and abroad, such as Cyprus, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Norway, Switzerland, Hungary and Turkey always receiving EXCELLENT reviews by specialists of the choral art. The performance of the Coronation Mass, k.317 by W. A. Mozart in April of 2016, is a milestone in their recent history; a work for choir and soloist, with the participation of members of the State Orchestra, under the direction of Theodoros Grammatikopoulos, who has directed the choir since 2008.

Choir of Town Garwolin, Poland
Conductor: Radosław Mitura

The choir of Garwolin is a Polish amateur choir under Radoslaw Mitura’s direction. It was established in April 2007 and consists of 45 amateur singers from Garwolin area, the town located near Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. Popularizing choral music in the local community and representing the town at various concerts, contests and festivals in Poland and abroad are the main purposes of the choir. This group gladly and actively takes part in Garwolin’s cultural life, providing musical setting during the most important cultural events.
Apart from a variety of sacred music works, the choir also performs patriotic and folk songs, as well as the light music standards. For its members, the choir is an exceptional opportunity not only to improve their cultural and musical education, but also to make friends with other people from Poland and all over the world.
The most important achievements of the choir are the following:
Silver medal, 38th International Choir Festival of Songs, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 2010
Silver Diploma, International Choir Festival, Ohrid, Fyrom, 2011
1st place during Mazovian Audition in National Festival Carols, Bedzin, Poland, 2011
2nd place during the final of National Festival Carols, Bedzin, Poland, 2012
2nd place, International Choir Festival “Canco Mediterrania” (Catalan Music category), Lloret de Mar, Spain, 2012
1st place, International Choir Festival (Sacred Music category) “Canco Mediterrania”, Lloret de Mar, Spain, 2012
Silver Line, National Festival Carols, Bedzin, Poland, 2013
1st place, International Festival Carols “Kolednicze Serce Polskie”, Wisniew, Poland, 2014
Golden Line, IX Festival of Choral Music “Mater Misericordie”, Zabki, Poland, 2014

"Chorus Egrensis", Aš Czech Republic
Conductor: Alexandra Benešová

The mixed choir CHORUS EGRENSIS was established in 2000 in Aš, Czech republic, as the continuing of the choir Tosta Aš. Its members, aged 18 and up, come from Aš, Cheb, Františkovy Lázně, Trojmezi and Pomezi – the westernmost part of the Czech republic. The choir has performed at concerts in the Czech republic as well as abroad, and cooperated with a number of renowned artists but also with a few other friendly ensembles. Furthermore, they realise a concert tour in their country or abroad annually. A significant role in the choir activities is given each year to the concert project called “Singing of the Three Countries”. It involves the choirs from Aš, Rehau and Olešnice, that is from Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony, who have been meeting each year since 1990 on this occasion. For this reason they have been awarded the Euregia Ergensis 2008 prize. Its repertoire consists of both spiritual and secular compositions, folk songs, spirituals and gospels, dance music as well as songs of other musical genres.

Classic and Modern Mixed Choir of the Conservatory “Athena”, Athens Greece
Conductor: Dimitra Hanou - Argyropoulou

The Classic and Modern Mixed Choir of the Conservatory “Athena” was established 8 years ago. It has participated in Choral Festivals, charity events and great music concerts. Its most important feature is their love for music, but also their great sense of solidarity. Its repertoire consists of greek and international modern and classic music works.

Youth Choir “Elefteria”, 
Chisinau Republic of Moldova
Conductor: Zarina Iutkina

Once music becomes the main factor of attraction, it unifies people for ulterior performing of great melodies , which comes from the heart. This is the way the amateur Youth Choir Elefteria started its activity on October 1st in 2013, affiliated to the Society of Hellenic Culture ‘’Elefteria’’. For more than three years, it has successfully participated at the national and sacred celebrations of Hellas and in the festival of the expanded meeting of the Coordinating Council of the 5th SAE Periphery. It was awarded at the International Diplomatic Christmas Fair(Ucraine,2015) and won the bronze medal at the 34th ICFP(Preveza,2016).It puts on ethnocultural and sacred music , but its repertoire also includes folk and classical music. Its Founder and Leader is Nataly Shulikay and its conductor is Zarina Iutkina.

“Emanuil”, Valjevo Serbia
Conductor: Vanja Dragojlovic

It was founded in April 2014.only one month after its founding at the May Music Festival in Bijeljina, the choir has been awarded a silver medal. The next year, at First Choir Festival in Valjevo, they won first prize in the category of chamber choirs. After that, the choir was awarded as the best choir in its category, and also as the best choir of  the Festival in Bijeljina (Grand prix, with a maximum of 100 points). In April 2017, at  the  Choir Festival in Valjevo, “Emanuil” won the prize of the Absolute winners of the festival. Since it was founded, the choir has been conducted by Vanja Dragojlovic.

The Estonian TV Concert Choir, Tallinn Estonia
Conductors: Külli Kiivet, Silja Uhs

The Estonian television concert choir was formed in August 2011 when the former children’s and young children’s choirs of Estonian Television were joined to form a united Concert Choir. The choir’s repertoire includes classical choral works from all around the world and also folk and pop music arrangements. Most of their programme is complemented by choreography (choreographer Regina Rebane). The choir has performed the most recent works of several Estonians composers both in their country and abroad (e.g. Piret Rips, Rein Rannap, Priit Pajusaar, Tauno Aints etc.) It has cooperated with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Estonian National Youth Symphony Orchestra, XXI Century Orchestra, Tallin Chamber Orchestra, string quartet Prezioso, Estonian National Male Choir and the Vienna Boys' Choir etc. Furthermore they have premiered works and they have performed for the Estonian Television.  They have participated in several competitions both in Estonia and abroad winning numerous prizes some of which are: (2003 and 2008 festival competition of Estonian Young Children’s Choirs), (2006 International Children’s and Youth Choir festival ‘’Hong Kong 2006’’), (2008 Gold Medal and 1st Prize at the 36th International Choir Competition ‘’Festival of Songs Olomouc’’, Czech Republic), (2010 Champion of the world choir games in Shaoxing, China), (2012 festival competition of Estonian Children’s Choirs), (2015 Istanbul International Chorus Competition and Festival , 1st places in Children’s and  Folk  catecory ), 2017 XV International Choir Competition ‘’Tallinn 2017’’ (2nd place in Children’s category)

"Jitřenka", Červený Kostelec Czech Republic
Conductor: Eva Kubečková

The chamber choir Jitřenka was established by Eva Kubečková in 2009.  Its  members are ex members of the children’s choir "Červánek" of the Elementary artistic school Červený Kostelec.
They realized concerts at Christmas or at Easter. They have sung for the television. They have performed in Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland and Switzerland.
They have participated in several international competitions winning:
1st price in Llangolen, Great Britain, 2009
Gold medal in Pattaya, Thailand, 2010
1st price in  St. Petersburg, Russia, 2014

Junges Vokalensemble, Hannover Germany
Conductor: Prof. Klaus-Jürgen Etzold

The mixed choir Junges Vokalensemble Hannover was founded in 1981 by its artistic director Prof. Klaus-Jürgen Etzold. The choir consists of about 50 singers. Many of them are active and former students of the University of Music, Drama and Media Hannover, but other professions are represented as well. All singers are united by their wide choral experience and their joy in singing challenging works together. The broad repertoire consists of both a cappella music and oratorios from Monteverdi to Penderecki.
Many compositions were broadcasted on radio stations or published on CD. The choir has recorded 15 CDs and performed several world premieres, e.g. by Świder, Sixten and Penderecki. In 2010 the choir received the ECHO KLASSIK award for the CD "Glaubenslieder", the highest prize for CD recordings in Germany. The choir has realized many concert tours in Europe, but also to Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Israel, China, Venezuela, Turkey, the Philippines, Singapore, USA and South Africa. They have  successfully participated in international choral competitions and won several prizes. The participation in festivals and competitions gives the singers the chance of becoming acquainted with new works and other choral traditions.

Chamber girls choirs of Kiev Secondary Specialised Music School named after M. Lysenko, Kiev Ukraine
Conductor: Julia Puchko-Kolesnik

Chamber girls choirs of Kiev Secondary Specialised Music School named after M. Lysenko consists of girls, aged from 9 to 17 years old, who get music education so as to become choral conductors in the future. The choir ‘s repertoire is comprised of national and foreign sacred music, arrangements of folk and ritual songs, classic and modern works. It has cooperated with other choirs, participated in varius events and festivals in their country and abroad (Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Lithuania,) and it has also released 4 CDs. Some of their recent achievements are : ( Golden Angel, 2nd and 5th International competition of Christmas Music, Krakow, Poland in 2011 and 2014 respectively) , ( 1st place, 28th International Choral Competition Franz Shubbert, Vienna, Austria,2012) , (Grand Prix, International Choral Competition W.A. Mozart, Prague, Czech Republic, 2013) , (Grand Prix and winner in 3 categories, 22nd International Choir Competition ‘’Cantate Domine’’ , Kansas, Lithuania, 2014) , ( Grand Prix, International Competition ‘’Praga Christmas’’ , Prague, Czech Republic, 2015).

"Lautitia" Children Choir, Debrecen Hungary
Conductor: József Nemes

"Lautitia" Gyermekkar was established in 1959 by Kissné Weiser Katalin. The group has been conducted by József Nemes since 2006, who was also a member of the choir. The choir has participated in several Hungarian and international choir competitions in the past 57 years, winning many prizes. They participate in Kodály Filharmónia in Debrecen, and Csokonai Theatre and they also serve for the Greek Catholic Church and city of Debrecen. We would like to emphasize the European- and World Choir Championships, the prize of KÓTA and the Prima prize of county of Hajdú-Bihar. The most important thing is that in "Lautitia" Choir family everybody loves and respects each other and the effort for common creation means a constant challenge for its members.

"Lautitia" Mixed Youth Choir, Debrecen Hungary
Conductor: József Nemes

"Lautitia" Mixed Youth Choir was established in 2008 by the old students of the elementary school, between the age of 14-19. They have participated in several competitions and festivals, but the most important were
the European Choir Championship,
the XV Budapest International Choir Competition where they won the third prize in mixed youth choir category,
the National Kodály Zoltán Choir Competition where they won the Grand Prix, and
the Polifinico Guido D’ Arezzo International Choir Competition where they won Grand Prix.
Their enthusiasm and dedication to artistic work have been brought from the Children’s Choir, insisting on the high quality of "Lautitia" and singing for their own and the audience’s pleasure.

Male choir “Silvicola”, Kekava Latvia
Conductor: Aivars OPINCĀNS

Latvian Male choir “Silvicola”was founded in 1980. The name of the choir comes from a latin word meaning “inhabitant of the wood; a forester”. The participants of the choir are non-professional singers, working mostly in forest industry. The choir is unique because of its way of working: 8 ensembles work with the repertoire independently in different regions of Latvia. Once per month the ensembles come together and, after an intensive rehearsal, they give a concert. Altogether the choir has sung 419 songs in 312 concerts. In the choir’s repertoire there are songs of different genres – Latvian folk songs and songs written by Latvian composers. The main theme of the songs is nature. Recently the choir has added fragments of operas to its repertoire. The choir has performed in all regions of Latvia as well as abroad – Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Wales and Sweden. It has also taken part in international festivals in Italy, England, Slovakia, Argentina, Portugal, USA (2015), Trinidad and Tobago (2016). By choir ranking score the choir has achieved the third position among all Latvian male choirs.

Mixed Choir "Epilogi", Limassol Cyprus
Conductor: Angelina Nicolaidou

The choir was founded in March 2000 and numbers approximately 50 members. It has participated in a variety of events both in Cyprus and abroad (Greece, Italy, France, Hungary and Austria). Within the framework of international partnerships with other choirs, members of the choir have participated in workshops and concerts in countries such as Hungary, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Poland. The choir has appeared with significant choirs and orchestras from Cyprus and abroad. A part of the choir, together with the “Epilogi Youth choir” took part in the presentation of important works, such as “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff (at the “KYPRIA” Festival, with the “Concert Orchestra” from Budapest), “Sunrise Mass” by the contemporary Norwegian composer Ola Gjielo, with a string orchestra (at the “RIALTO” Theatre in Limassol), and the “KYPRION SYNAVLIA” in Vienna, Austria, in December 2014. Its repertoire includes classical works from the Renaissance up to the 20th century, works of contemporary Cypriot and Greek composers, as well as adaptations of Cypriot traditional music and traditional music from different parts of the world. Since April 2009, Mrs Angelina Nicolaidou has been the conductor of the choir as well as the Artistic Director of “Epilogi Cultural Movement of Limassol”.

Mixed choir “Hadzi Ruvim”, Valjevo Serbia
Conductor: Milica Stepanovic Baba-Milkic

Mixed choir “Hadzi Ruvim” was founded by church parish in 1993. Since 2009, its conductor has been Milica Stepanovic Baba-Milkic. The choir has performed at various festivals in Romania, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic and Greece….
Main achievements:
Silver medal in May Music, Festival of Bijeljina (5 successive years)
1st prize in the category of spiritual music, International Choir Festival of Trnava, Slovakia, 2006
4ht place, Church choir Festival of Hajnowka, Poland, 2010
The choir has recorded three discs, and regarding their 20th anniversary, its monography was published.

New European Choir of Cultural Association "Agapi", Perea GREECE
Conductor: Eleonora Kalaitsidou-Glykidou

The New European Choir was founded in 2009. It has performed at choir festivals organized by various municipalities in Greece, and also at the annual OTE festival. The choir sang at two music & dance performances at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, namely “Cinderella” and “The Fragile Nutcracker”. In July 2015, “AGAPI” choir won 1st Prize (Modern & Jazz category), 1st Prize (sacred music category), 2nd Prize (Mixed choir category) at the 19th “ANTONIO VIVALDI” choir competition in Karpenisi, Greece, and the title of “Best Festival Choir”. In 2016, the choir prepared a tribute to Russian composers for the “Russia-Near & Far” event,, and also performed the Christmas oratorio “Artavan, The Fourth Wise Man” by V. Glykides. In July 2016, “AGAPI” choir won the “Golden Diploma” at the Laurea Mundi Budapest choir competition, in the Category “Pop, modern and jazz”. In April 2017, it was awarded the Best choir Audience Award at the 7th World Festival on Musicals of Thessaloniki (non-competitive). Since its establishment, the choir’s maestro is Mrs Eleonora Kalaitsidou-Glykidou.

The children’s choir “Polyphoniki  Choir of Patra”, Patra Greece
Conductor: Aretousa Nikolopoulou

The children’s choir “Polyphoniki Choir of Patra” was founded in 1983 as the second section of the respective organisation. It has realized more than 200 concerts in Greece and abroad, participating in choral events and international festivals and winning numerous prizes. It has cooperated with well-known composers and soloists as well as with famous choirs, but also with the Orchestras of the city of Patra. Furthermore, it has performed in a concert of ERT, which was broadcast live by the National Radio. Its more recent achievements are : 1)  1st prize and gold medal ( children’s choirs) and 2nd prize and silver medal (folklore) and Special Prize for the best performance of work by contemporary composer, 1st choir competition of Florence, Italy. 2012. 2)1st prize and gold medal (classic works for children’s choirs), 4th International choir Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014. 3) Gold Diploma, 1st International Choir Competition of Kalamata, Greece, 2015. The choir is directed by Mrs Aretousa Nikolopoulou while Mrs Marina Milona is playing the piano.

"Sašáci", Aš Czech Republic
Conductor: Alexandra Benešová

The Sašáci choir is a youth choir from Aš, the westernmost town of the Czech Republic, a border town with Germany. It was founded in 2001 by its conductress Mrs. Alexandra Benešová, Master of Arts, at the local High school and the Textile Secondary school. Today this choir numbers about 20 members, aged between 11 and 18 years old. It is a part of the group called DPSA – the children’s singing choirs of the town of Aš. Its repertoire is wide ranging from spiritual to secular music, folk and dance music as well as other genres.
They perform at various cultural occasions organized by the local schools, churches, the municipality and other cultural organizations in their region, but also in the capital city of Prague, or other cities in the Czech republic, as well as in the nearby Germany. Finally, they have realized tours in France (2004), Japan (2005) and Spain (2015).

Sct. Peders Youthchoir, Randers Denmark
Conductor: Karsten Blond

The choir was established in 1996. Already from the beginning the choir was known for its remarkable quality. It has participated in numerous festivals and competitions, winning several prizes. Some of them are:
First prize, Children’s choirs competition, Denmark, 2004, 2007 and 2009.
Golden Diploma, 10th International Choral Competition, Budapest, 2005.
Golden Diploma, Youth Choir Competition, Prague, 2011.
2nd prize in 2012 and 1st prize in 2015, in the category of equal voices for youth choirs, Competition of Sacred Music, Bratislava

"Stimmbänder", Basel Switzerland
Conductor: Imogen Jans

In the year 2003, a circle of friends got together to form the choir Stimmbänder. The initially small group grew to become a choir of thirty, building a repertoire of works of the Renaissance (Desprez, Monteverdi, Schutz), the romantic era (Brahms, Mendelssohn, Fauré) and of the 20th century (Distler, Tischhauser, Whitacre). Further focal points are swiss folksongs and arrangements of popular music. Including their country’s musical heritage and their own musical histories in their concert programs, allows them to present the works of the great composers in a more authentic and personal way.
Besides the yearly concerts, the choir has had two major appearances at Bscene, their city’s Pop Music Festival, singing newly composed arrangements of pieces by popular regional bands. Stimmbänder has also organized larger projects involving choirs of all ages, sung at the Stimmen Festival Lörrach and recently performed the premiere of the composition “Nachts im Hotelzimmer” for choir and metronomes by the swiss composer Martin Gantenbein. Taking part in the Preveza International Choral Festival is an exciting and new experience for Stimmbänder – being the first choir festival away from home.

The International Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir
Conductors: prof. Ragnar Rasmussen & prof. Urša Lah

The International Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir – two, at first glance incredibly distant ideas that become interdependent through creative activity and through the human tendency to change, this things that seemed unimaginable become true. Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir is an international choir established in 2011 by two conductors, Ragnar Rasmussen from Norway and Urša Lah from Slovenia. They have joined talented young singers from different countries in performing contemporary choral music. The aim of the project is to perform on a high artistic level, to encourage singers to think about the role of art in the society today, to explore different ways of affecting audiences and to develop young singers through establishing a strong role of the individualin the group. Encouraged by their excellent singing companions, every young singer rapidly increases their singing capacities, grows in the role of performer and also develops a sense of tolerance towards different nations through learning about their singing traditions. The choir has regular gatherings; these are usually connected with festivals where singers perform after intensive rehearsing period. Beside the common rehearsals both of the conductors rehearse with the individuals by the help of modern technology, using Skype/FaceTime. The result of the project ‘s success is their participation ( as invited choir) in numerous festivals all around the world (International Choral Festival in Beijing, China, International Choral Festival ‘’VOCE!’’ in Italy, International Choral Festival in City of Derry, Northern Ireland Simfonic Voices in Koper, Slovenia, St. Petersburg, Russia, etc.)

Υouth choir "Svitych" of the Gogol State University at Nizhyn, Nizhyn Ukraine
Conductors: prof. Lyudmyla Shumska and prof. Lyudmyla Kostenko

The youth choir Svitych of the Gogol State University at Nizhyn (Ukraine) was established in 1993. Its members are students of different university departments, young university teachers, schools teachers of the city. The name of the choir is symbolic: it comes from the Ukrainian word svitych meaning a huge candle, a torch, a celestial body as well as Man who stands up for truth, freedom, education. The choir’s aim is the formation of spiritual and national self-awareness of young people in an independent Ukrainian state.
Artistic merits:
The choir was a winner of the National Ukrainian Choral Contest in 1997, 2011, 2013; the gold medal winner of the First International Choral Olympiad Linz – 2000; a prize winner of international contests and festivals in Austria (2000), Belarus (1995, 2008), Greece (2011),  Italy (1998, 2008, 2010, 2012,2016), Germany (1999, 2001,2007), Poland (1998, 2003, 2015), Serbia (2006), Turkey (2005), Hungary (1995, 1996), France (2009, 2013, 2014). It also boasts recordings of choral music for the National Radio Company of Ukraine (1995, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2006, 2009, 2014), participation in Ukrainian national festivals, scientific conferences, state concerts, etc.

Youth Choir "Scherzo", Nowy Sącz Poland
Conductor: Andrzej Citak

“Scherzo” Youth choir of the 1st Secondary school in Nowy Sacz was established in 1987. It’s a mixed choir, gathering 45 youngsters of local schools, aged 14-19 years old. The choir’s repertoire includes mainly Renaissance and contemporary music. It has realized concerts in Germany, Italy, France, England, Spain, Norway and Ukraine. Some of its successes are:
Golden and silver prize, National Competition, Bydgoszcz
3nd place, International Festival, Neerpelt
2nd place, International Competition, Lloret de Mar
1st place and special prize, Musical Impressions Festival, Bydgoszcz
5 golden , 7 silver and 4 bronze statuettes and the Grand Prix, “Schola Cantorum” Festival, Kalisz
1st place, National Tournament “Legnica Cantat”
The ensemble was honored with the Nowy Sacz 700th anniversary Medal and the Malopolska Region Medal. It has recorded 6 CDs. It is a member of “Pueri Cantores”

Yermasoyia Municipality Choir, Yermasoyia Cyprus
Conductor: Solonas Kladas

The adult mixed choir of the Municipality of Yermasoyia was founded in 2003 with the aim of cultivation and transmission of musical culture as well as promotion of both the Cypriot and the greek song within and outside the Municipality. It currently numbers more than 50 members while they have performed in various events of the Municipality of Germasogeia and also they have participated in several choral festivals in Cyprus and abroad. Some of them are concert for the October 28th national anniversary organized by the Greek Community in Prague in 2008, the event for the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus in Litochoro on October 1st, 2010, tribute to M.Theodorakis and M.Hadjidakis in Monemvasia, 2011, etc.
Particularly important was their participation in the premiere of the opus Oresteia of Aeschylos by Yannis Xenakis in the International Cultural Festival “Kypria 2012”. Since 2006, the choir is directed by Dr. Solon Kladas.

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